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Palmatum - Akita Yatsubusa
Akita Yatsubusa
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Palmatum - Amagi shigure
Amagi shigure
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Palmatum - Augustilobum
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Palmatum - Baby Lace
Baby Lace
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Palmatum - Beni Hagoromo
Beni Hagoromo
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We Offer Rare Varieties of Japanese Maples (acer palmatum)

Japanese Maples for Sale - Rare and Unusual Plant & Tree Varieties

Japanese maples are beautiful, sought-after trees that can bring any yard a unique touch of color. These maples mainly belong to the group with the scientific name called acer palmatum, though they can also be found in a couple other maple groups such as acer japonicum, acer shirasawanum, and acer circinatum. Within these groups there are many hundreds of unique individual varieties of Japanese Maples, making them incredibly fun to collect.

People tend to admire the Japanese maples because of their delicate leaf shape, dramatic leaf color, and artistic branch structure and growth habit. These trees are great for people who tend to shy away from intensive yard work because, once established, they are low maintenance. They also are not very large trees, allowing them to be planted in many different settings. When fully grown, Japanese Maples will vary in height from 2 ft tall to 30 ft tall depending on the variety and growing environment. This makes it easy to find that perfect size to fit your gardening needs. Common colors we have in stock include red, orange, yellow, green, purple, pink, coral, as well as variegated varieties that show a combination of these colors. Individual varieties will show a wonderful color range depending on the season. You can also find a large range of growth habit including dwarf, weeping, columnar, spreading, and upright. We also have varieties that are grown for their bark color, extending seasonal interest into the cold of winter.

Japanese maple trees are a great way to add some variation to a garden. In fact these trees will normally be the featured or specimen plant in a specific garden landscape. In recent decades the popularity has steadily increased to a point that many gardeners simply must have a Japanese Maple to "complete" their garden landscape.

It's important not to over-fertilized them or plant them in a location which is always wet, or exposed to high wind. A moist but well drained soil is ideal. They offer nice shade for walkways and are great for planting outside patios or near garden ponds because of their compact, non-invasive root structure. This will limit any damage done to nearby surroundings. Also, they interact well with other plants and are adaptable to their environment. Japanese Maples are perfect for zones 5-9.

Japanese Maples are also extremely popular for container gardening. They are perfectly content to grow in a pot on your patio. Many people with limited gardening space can have a beautiful and unique collection of Japanese maples growing in patio containers.

Unfortunately, many unique varieties are nearly impossible to find. We pride ourselves in offering these hard to find and in-demand varieties. Browse through our huge selection of Japanese maples and find the perfect tree for your yard or garden. These trees are fairly easy to care for, they don't get too large, and they are just beautiful. We specialize in selling 1, 2, and 3 year old Japanese Maples, allowing you to build a wonderful collection without spending thousands of dollars. If you have a question about Japanese maple trees, please contact our knowledgeable staff and we will be glad to help you. Our very best availability is in Spring and early Summer.