Japanese Maple Poster

Japanese Maple Poster. This poster is 24 inches wide and 36 inches tall. Show off your love for Japanese Maples! This poster features beautiful high resolution photos of the following 35 varieties.

Van den Akker, Burgundy Jewel, Hupps Dwarf, Geisha, Ariande, Red Pygmy, Coral Pink, Squitty, Corallinum, Akane, Emerald Lace, Duncan & Davies, Mikawa Yatsubusa, Kandy Kitchen, Kinky Krinkle, Autumn Moon, Mikazuki, Ao jutan, Mimaye, Chantilly Lace, Olsens Frosted Strawberry, Ibo juhi, Orangeola, Ottos Dissectum, Fairy Hair, Ryusen, Shishio hime, Sister Ghost, Spring Delight, Green Snowflake, Carnival, Toyama nishiki, Twomblys Red Sentinel, Wilsons Pink Dwarf
Size & Price: $13.00 - 24x36 poster
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