Leonard Traditional Bypass Pruners

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Incredible quality for the cost. This is the A.M. Leonard version of the Felco 2. We have tried many types and brands of bypass pruners here at the nursery and have found these pruners to be the best quality for the money.
These pruners feature a durable forged-aluminum handle. The blades of the Leonard Traditional Bypass Pruners feature high-carbon steel construction with a chrome plating. The rear of the cut blade includes a built-in soft wire-cutting notch. An adjustable bolt allows for precise blade contact. Leonard Traditional Bypass Pruners combine maximum sharpness, durability, and safety into one fantastic tool. Chrome-plated steel blades retain their sharpness season after season. This plating resists corrosion, rust, and sap, making these pruners easy to clean. A responsive spring action ensures a smooth, crisp cut every time. The vinyl-coated handle gives you a non-slip grip during use. A pivot-locking mechanism keeps the tool secure when not in use.

Size & Price: $38.00 - Leonard pruners
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