Kaneshin Bonsai Root Cutters No.13A

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Hand-made Bonsai Root Cutters by Kaneshin in Japan. Bonsai Root Cutters are specifically designed for pruning roots during transplanting and re-potting. The blades of the root cutter are much stronger for cutting the denser wood fibers usually found in roots. The head is contoured to provide added clearance. Length 210mm. Weight 370g.
 The Kaneshin brand of bonsai tools is one of the highest quality available anywhere in the world today. These tools are hand-made in Japan by skilled craftsmen with many years of experience. For over 100 years, Kaneshin Cutlery has earned a reputation for tools that are superior in every way. Compared to other brands, they feel better in your hand, they last longer, and they look better!.  
Size & Price: $80.00 - Root Cutter 13A
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